An Educated Girl Can Make Choices

When i meet young girls in the villages carrying babies and they they tell me they are the mothers to those babies, my heart bleeds. I imagine how a child can be a mother!! It even get more painful when they say that their parents forced them to get married. What kind of parent does that to a little girl?

Then that makes me realize that they are forced because they cant make their own choices. May be if they had stayed in school, they would be able to decide when to get married, with whom to get married and that way their lives would be better.

That is why i call upon fellow girls to stay in school and until they complete. There is a lot to benefit when one completes school. Me too, i will stay in school until i finished university. 

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I have a Dream

When i grow up i want to be a Doctor.

I know its a long journey to go but am patient enough.

I want to restore hope to the sick and help them feel well again

My friends say its not easy to become a doctor but am set for the Challenge.

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