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There is power in working together in partnership and collaboration to End Child Marriage and our ability to Co-Create with other members of Girls Not Brides gives us the opportunity to achieve more as we front the campaign to keep Girls in School. On 22nd– 24th February we joined other Partners including Members of Girls Not Brides Uganda, Government officials and a representative from African Union Commission to start on the process of Co-Creating a work plan and Strategy to strengthen our capacity towards ending Child Marriage in Uganda and beyond.

The 3day workshop gave us the opportunity to connect and network with members from the Girls Not Brides Global Office who shared the Clear Vision of the Partnership that will guide our interventions as a collective. It was also an opportunity to Look at where we have come from since 2013 to date. Members were able to look back and see how they not only benefited from the network but also how they have been able to contribute to the National Partnership. Through the story telling session, we were also able to appreciate the untold stories of some of the members who chose to share with the Team.


The CEO of Girls Not Brides – Faith Mwangi Powell called upon the members to think of what can be done differently to End Child Marriage. 

In her words;

“What can we do now that we are not doing, what can we do differently, what can we do urgently and how can we a little bit accelerate some of the things we are trying to do?” Faith Mwangi Powell:

We are set to accelerate our efforts and empower more girls to stay in school and complete their Education because its through Education that Girls are able to make informed Choices. When girls go to school, everyone gets better off; they can contribute to the development of their nations, poverty goes down and they get married later and are in position to give their babies an education because they clearly know the benefits.

Raising Teenagers Uganda is the Central Region Coordinator for Girls Not Brides Uganda – The Ugandan Partnership to End Child Marriage.

September 2023

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