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We have seen cases of Teenage pregnancy and Child marriage go high during this COVID19 pandemic Lockdown. We also read about the case where one boy made 12 girls pregnant on the same village during the lockdown. This explain the magnitude of the problem.

It high time all organizations created programs that engage boys and sensitize them about the importance of protecting Girls from Teenage pregnancy. This could involve embracing contraception use or abstaining from sex. Lets involve them in our programs if we want results.

Boys are part of our School Clubs

At Raising Teenagers Uganda, boys are part of our school clubs and they also have safe spaces where they can freely speak about issues affecting them so that they can receive guidance. In our Girls Back 2 School Campaign, we are working closely with boys as change agents and protectors of girls in their communities. This is bringing great results.


Through the clubs, girls are able to take part in debates and make presentations at community level so that their views can be captured by the community leaders for further action.

They are also empowered with information on how to report crime as opposed to being silenced by those who exploit them. This way we are able to identify the wrongdoers in society and take them to the courts of Laws.


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