Several events within the organisation

Our activities in Refugee settlement Our Club Members at Bukondo Chance Primary School Give Hope We Stand with Refugees We support girls with sanitary pads Our Club members with their Teachers Children at Nyarukamba Primary School End Menstrual Stigma by all means Creating Safe spaces for Girls Water is Life. A donation of a water tank will save many girls. We create safe spaces for Girls in School. Motivating girls to stay in school makes all the difference. It does not matter how old you are. Thank you Jane for coming all the way from Canada to Inspire girls in Uganda. Every Girl Needs someone to listen to her story. Meaningful Youth Engagement is key for every Nations Development Holiday camps help a lot in mentoring young Girls. At the Girls Not Brides Global meeting in Malaysia Girls Not Brides Global Meeting in Malaysia. Our Team Leader Hope Nankunda was Present. Our own Hope and Esther presenting a gift to the Executive Director- Girls Not Brides Global Office. Hope Nankunda at the Girls Not Brides Global Meeting in Malaysia Ugandan Team at the Girls Not Brides Global Meeting in Malaysia This Team Hiked Mt.Muhavura to Break Stigma Around Menstruation We also provide Counseling services for boys in schools. We support the less advantaged girls with sanitary pads. Our "Girls Matter Clubs" empower girls with confidence and self esteem. Girls need Career Guidance in order to make informed choices for their future. Group counseling in schools helps girls to share experience and empower each other. Girls can Empower Fellow girls. Girls at Bunyarigyi receiving sanitary pads. Jane encourages Girls to stay in school. Motivational Speakers reach out to girls in schools. Supporting girls to attend school daily.