Raising teenagers has several partners

GIRLS NOT BRIDES Girls Not Brides is a global partnership committed to Ending Child Marriage. RTU is a member of Girls Not Brides Global and is also the Regional Coordinator on Girls Not Brides National alliance representing the Central Region. The alliance has over 80 member organizations working in different regions of Uganda to empower the Girl Child and to see to it that Child marriage and Teenage pregnancy come to an end. Through our partnership with this Alliance, we have been able to reach out to a number of schools and communities to carry out sensitization campaigns against child marriages.

EAST AFRICA CHILD RIGHTS NETWORK: EACR is a registered Regional Network of Community Based Organizations that works to promote the rights of children in East Africa. The Network ensures that Africa's children grow to realize their dreams and ambitions in life. It works with and supports child focus grass root member organizations to showcase their work with children and strengthens their efforts to build their technical capacity to effectively implement child rights programs.

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH UGANDA RHU is committed to promoting high quality, high impact and gender- sensitive sexual and reproductive health and rights, information and services for vulnerable and most at risk population of young people (15-30years) in Uganda through capacity building, specialized service delivery, issue- specific advocacy and strategic partnerships. RTU partners with RHU on issues of adolescent health and Advocacy.

NATIONAL WOMEN’S COUNCIL: The NWC is an autonomous government agency which was established by an Act of Parliament in 1993 and its main mandate is to create a forum that promotes women empowerment socially, economically, politically and in other spheres of livelihood where the women are marginalized. RTU is working in close collaboration with the council to reach out to women especially in women groups in order to engage them in the different programs being implemented by the organization. This mainly is on sensitizing parents about the importance of keeping their children in school and campaigning against child marriage and Teenage Pregnancies.

JOY FOR CHILDREN UGANDA: Joy for Children is a Non- governmental organization that was established in 2005 following the founder members’ commitment and realization of a common determination to promote well-being of Uganda’s children and the future generation for sustainable development. We run some programs together in the move to reach out to a bigger number of children and ensuring that their world is safe.

UGANDA YOUTH ADVOCACY AND DEVELOPMENT NETWORK: This is a Network of youth Led organizations that have come together to front advocacy programs for young people and to ensure that there meaningful youth participation in different parts of the country.