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On 11th and 12th September, we joined other grassroots organisations around East Africa for the 2nd LightUp Impact Days annual Conference in Nairobi Kenya. The event clearly brought out the importance of  how Collaboration, capacity strengthening, inclusive decision making and shared vision is key to the growth of grassroot organisations. The Conference brought together like-minded and Well-matched local NGOs working in different communities and with different specialisation to foster innovative solutions, find strategic Partners and increase collective knowledge:


The Shift the Power Movement advocates for transformative behaviors and mindsets that challenge the Top-Down Pyramid empowering local people and rebalancing the scale of influence.


We are honoured to have been part of the Lightup Impact conference which presented an opportunity for us to not only connect with other grassroots organizations in East Africa but also to understand further the importance of working together in partnership to achieve sustainable development:

The Time to #ShiftThePower and #IgniteChange is now.
Grassroots Organizations should be meaningfully supported to deliver on their mission:
It’s time to eembrace Bottom-Up approach to realize significant Change in society:

While sharing at the conference, Our Team Leader Nankunda Hope shared her success story of the power of Partnerships and collaboration to achieve a Common goal. She further informed participants that when we join networks, it should not be about what we get from the network but rather what we bring to the Network: she also encouraged grassroots organizations to be open to learning as they build their capacity to deliver on their mission.