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Our Current Programs


Gender Equality

Child -Protection

Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Climate Education

Sensitize parents about the importance of educating their daughters through school outreach and community dialogues.

Sponsorship for Underprivileged Girls

In rural Uganda, many children cannot afford to go to school due to lack of school fees.

Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management

Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management for underprivileged girls- With support from Afripads Foundation,

Community Clubs

Since all schools were closed down, we established clubs in different parishes where we would meet young girls and share with them information regarding the dangers associated with teenage pregnancy and Child Marriage as well as their roles in ensuring their own safely.

Training Girls in Refugee Settlements to make Reusable Sanitary Pads

We have seen many young girls exchange their bodies for sanitary pads and as a result, some have become victims of Teenage Pregnancy and child marriage.

Working in Partnership with Religious Leaders

Religious Leaders can play a significant role in Changing the Narrative. We are happy to have them as our partners.

Youth Champions in Different Communities

A help to those who need it Youth Champions in Different Communities Champions made our work easier because they would reach people in their communities and speak to them about the dangers associated with teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

The Annual HIKING Program

Since 2017 RTU has been organizing annual Hiking Events with the aim of creating awareness and Breaking Stigma around Menstruation. The annual Hikes are open to all well wishers that believing to supporting Underprivileged Girls to Menstruate with dignity and Respect.

Girls in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

The Challenges faced by refugee Girls are so many and its important they are supported especially through guidance and counseling. Through the Office of the Prime Minister we have extended our services to these communities and through working other partners in the settlement with whom we are fronting programs on Child protection, Positive parenting, teenage pregnancy, child marriage, SRHR services and Menstrual Hygiene Management.
The need is so much and we need support to reach out more numbers of Girls in the Settlement.

Training Girls on how to make Reusable Sanitary pads

Community Outreach

Method of Operation

We promote girl’s education and put an end to child marriage through provision of sanitary pads to the less advantaged girls.

Our Adovacy

We advocate for the rights of the marginalized Girls and ensure access and retention in school including those in refugee settlements.