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The Uganda-Germany Joint Climate Project is one such notable partnership that aims at meaningfully engaging young students in the move to achieve Climate Justice. We are excited to start on a #JointClimateActionProject with our Friends in Germany: Global issues like climate change have an impact on people’s lives all across the world and cut beyond national boundaries. No one nation can successfully combat climate change on its own. This fact has compelled many governments, including Germany and Uganda, to work together to address climate challenges on a global scale.

This is Ugandan-Germany Climate School Project that aims at connecting students together with help of digital media, let them discuss the issues of sustainability and #ClimateJustice,
It empowers the young generation to take action and invest in #Climate that fits our children:

Over a period of 3 months, students at Bukondo Chance Primary school in Wakiso District in Uganda and a class from Leipzig in Germany will have the opportunity to look at the issue of climate crisis both locally and globally. The climate crisis is a serious issue. We know that it will concern future generations because the effects of climate change are already here. Our concern is to give young people an interesting, lively approach to the topic. The opportunity to get to know students from far away is something that everyone involved finds super exciting. Students will get to know each other, learn from each other about their environments and the different ways how climate chance has affected their communities and lives in general.

During the 3 Months Students with share experiences in regards to #ClimateChange and how they can contribute towards achieving #ClimateJustice. At the end of the project they will plant trees which they will be tasked to take care of and ensure that they grow to preserve the environment.

The Uganda-Germany Joint Climate Project is an example of how international cooperation may spur climate action and build a better, more sustainable future. In a world where climate change is a serious and complicated problem, the initiative gives a beacon of hope as it develops and encourages other countries to imitate it.


Climate Change is happening everywhere and Climate Justice can’t wait.